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me, sex, and popular media

So, what's my position regarding sex? I dream of a world where sex was less taboo. A world where a gal will not hesitate to fuck me if she was attracted to me. A world without inhibitions. A world where I could walk naked in front of my mom, and even fuck her if we both wanted to, and we'd do it in front of dad if he didn't mind, and maybe he'd even join us. I just wish the world wasn't so uptight. It's so frustrating when some gal wouldn't mind fucking me, but there's these limitations of "but I don't wanna feel cheap", or "what will people say?".

So, am I a sucker for sex? Well, maybe. But what I do is fantasize a lot and there's movies that explore (and promotes) these fantasies so well. What comes to mind now is Vicky Cristina Barcelona (on first viewing), and to a lesser extent, Spread, both of which I saw first time in 2010. Much earlier, something that rocked my world perhaps as much was Threesome, which I saw maybe in the late 90's. There's also a comic that ravishes my sexual fantasies which is Cherry.

Vicky Christina Barcelona has a guy, his ex-wife, and his fuck buddy tumbling into a threesome. Spread sees a lady allowing his man to fuck other gals without going into a tantrum (she's my hero, but she was also real, since she was still jealous). Threesome has 2 guys sharing a pussy, and most interesting, the guys discover that they don't mind invading each other either. Cherry, more a fantasy than the other works, is pure paradise. It's gorgeous. The title character and mom, for example, don't mind fucking. No one hesitates offering sex, and especially Cherry herself.